Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So far, no Democrat has appeared at my door to ask for my vote, nor sent me a flyer explaining their position on issues, nor bothered to explain to me how their political party should have failed so badly to live up to the trust the voters gave them last time around.

But, they keep sending me solicitations for money. Every day on my email. Every day! Send us some money! And these solicitations are not from the candidates themselves, but from their supporters and front groups. They can get to me without any problem at all. But not with the right message.

I believe that many Democrats are trading on "past glory." This is the glory that former generations of public servants earned and which they now wish to inherit. Medicare, Social Security, the EPA, etc. -- these are the accomplishments of your fathers and grandfathers. What do you have to offer? A messed up health care reform, a Republican-like plan to bail out the bad folks "on Wall Street" and the auto industry which has so badly treated our country.

What a miserable bunch you are. What a sad and colorless pack of pure "politicians" led by nobody.


scot s w said...

Yes! I don't believe I've heard a coherent argument from Dems on why they should stick around. Is it a "heads down" approach? If so, it stinks.

Alice said...

Appears to me that the republicans are doing a tremendous job telling us why we darn well better keep the Dems around even as unorganizied as the media would like us all to believe.
- privatized Social security - do you want to invest your own pittance in wall street -- do you have the savy to do that? I don't.
The wall street guys are drooling to get their hands on the several trillion in that fund!
- privatized medicare ditto.
- privatized education - I could write a book on my first hand experiences related to this topic. It's a horror and conjurs up nightmares! And I'm not even a witch no matter what anyone tells you!
Dems have passed:
- the Lily Leadbetter Act which calls for equal pay for women
- the stimulous(though not enough) which all the republicans voted against but routinely show up locally to stand behind the BIG check as if they had anything to do with it.
- the healthcare reform: even though it leaves alot to be desired it's a beginning. Do you really thing that kicking out the Dems will improve offerings to millions. Medicare didn't emerge a full blown program.

It took 30 years to get us here why do you think the Dems can totally undo all those years of reagan-nomics in less than two years. Changes start from the bottom up. Now that so many are feeling the pain inflicted by their darling Ronnie it is noe time to be calling your representatives and senators offices and e:mailing them every week and tell them what you think and what you want. Go to your local meetings in groups not alone(they will only smile at you patronizingly or nod and tolerate a comment or two) and find out where they stand. WE dems (not they) need to help. Call people, call talk shows, write letters,pass out literature, recruit new voters, twitter, etc. what are you doing? Pick one. None of it requires your money but assuredly it won't be refused. It does require time, commitment, dedication and decision to be a part of the solution---even if you have to start alone.