Monday, October 25, 2010

Change I could believe in

President Obama has refused to endorse for election, a Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor who is much more conservative than the Independent candidate.

Well, bully for him! The only problem is, he refuses to endorse the independent, as well. This is spineless.

The Democrat, Frank Caprio has told Obama to "take his endorsement and shove it."

If the liberals in this country, Democrat or otherwise, had any leadership as bold and certain as Caprio, we wouldn't be in the mess we are, I think. Millions of people out there want the country to solve the problems of the nation in a less belligerent, plutocratic, and self-centered manner than Republicans offer, but not in the helter-skelter, aimless, pettifogging way that the Democratic Party has offered recently.

We need leadership on the left! Haven't had any effective leadership in years. Where's our hero riding to the rescue?


Irish Mike said...

Sometimes the I think that the only reason I am a Democrat is that I can't stand the Republican positions or politics. (Not a very good reason). I just wish Dems would be more willing to stand up and fight the good fight.

Dashmann said...

According to MSNBC, the independent is a personal friend of Obama's, so rather than having to make a choice, the President has decided to endorse neither candidate.

Irene said...

Can you be less aimless and pettifogging, yet not plutocratic and self-centred? There seems to be no middle ground anywhere these days.

Bud said...

Thanks to you all for the comments.

I saw Obama on John Stewart. Now there's an AP article criticizing him for not being funny. What he was doing was defending his record. It's a good record. Then why should the Democrats feel themselves in such a bad situation? I still say good leadership is lacking in that party.

Dashmann said...

Obama has only had 2 years to try to get everything done before the voters traditionally turn on the sitting President.

He got his Health bill thru, maybe not perfect, but 30 million more people will have insurance and can’t be cancelled.

He saved GM – just think what unemployment would be had the Republicans let it go under.

We avoided a big depression.

GM and Ford are adding jobs everyday, and the stock market has been stabilized.

All this with NO Republican help.

Irene said...

Yet the Dems are going to be beaten badly at the ballot box. I don't get it. We just had an election here, and the Labor government lost (they have formed a one vote minority govt with some independents). They lost, despite managing Australia through the global financial crisis. Australia was the only OECD country not to fall into recession. Unemployment here is 5%. Worldwide, the government's response is being lauded. But the Labor party's reward? Getting voted out of power. The conservatives had absolutely no policies, just crap rhetoric, and ran an incredibly negative campaign. It worked.