Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Blessed are they who are aimless?

I notice that some of the people who have been "occupying" various locales in the country are called homeless or transient people. Some are considered to be panhandlers or law breakers in a variety of ways. There have been some cases of violence by occupiers, and even a murder or two.

This distinguishes those who are camped from this who are marching and protesting day-by-day. I have not heard that any of those people are homeless or violent or shiftless. One of them is my sister, and she's not any of those negatives. I'm very proud of her.

However, when it comes to the homeless and the transient and the "shiftless" of the country who find themselves, by choice or happenstance, to be out on the street and to some extent or another, out of society, I can't think of a better place for them to be than in the bosom of a group that takes them in. I don't think in this world of 99% v. 1%, there are many other people who want them.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh Damn!

Everyone but Sparty disappointed me.

Monday, January 16, 2012

idle question

Here's a hypothetical:

Let's say I kill you. How much more offended would you be if I peed on your corpse?

Just curious to see what you folks out there will say. Don't disappoint me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Why did I take this picture? Don't know, but the still life looked so comfortable and welcoming, I did.

Our friend Bill, known for his big equipment, is here getting stoned with his big truck.

Here, I'm trying to look innocent. The open air bar helps to make one feel guiltless.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Paper

Here in The Villages, there is a daily morning newspaper. It's a cultural remnant, almost, of a bye-gone era. It contains lots of news from around the country and some from the realm of "world news". But, its greatest strength is the amount of community news it contains.

In the morning, to be able to sit sipping cups of coffee and read an actual full-featured newspaper, to be sure that it will always be there on the driveway every morning, to enjoy its many features, seems a true indulgence. Here, there are many concerts and many movies, there are lots of local clubs and sports, and these are clearly covered in the paper. Events are going on all around us, and these are all covered, sometimes amateurishly perhaps, but always covered.

The only drawback is that the editorial slant of the paper is heavily Republican, and damned right-wing, at that. This I hate, naturally, but can overlook, because I can spot the slant and accept it as a price I pay for the sheer luxury of The Paper.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Lately, I've been suffering from a case of reticence. I can't say why, because I do have time to write on my blog and on Facebook, or even to begin a new short story.

We are going to go see WAR HORSE this evening. Lately, we've been trying to catch up on the movies that are being discussed as Academy Award possibilities, or with actors who have been touted in their films for having done a great job.

We've seen J.EDGAR because we wanted to see Leonardo in this role for which he probably will be nominated. We saw THE DESCENDANTS.

In The Villages, going to the movie is a nice community activity. There are fine theaters that are nicely maintained and staffed, cheerful crowds, and reasonable prices. We can go in our golf carts or car and step out into a reasonably warm world. In the evenings, jackets and sweaters are needed.

It's raining here this morning, though only lightly so far. Better rain is predicted for later in the day. We need it. Thunder --- do I hear thunder? Things are parched.

Friday, January 6, 2012


A friend made a presentation to the Civil Discourse group in which he listed (and then defended his list of) The Ten Greatest Lessons of History.

I thought about this list for awhile and decided that the number one lesson on my list, which was not on his,would be this:

God, whoever or whatever one conceives that to be, does not take sides.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have been traveling (and assorted other things) over the holidays and have now settled down for awhile. Here are some observations:

1. The number of wonderful looking cars on the highways is amazing. Many different companies built them, and they are of high quality. They won't rust. Their sparkling finishes will last for decades. There are no lemons anymore. Very few cars are broken down by the roadside, even in areas where thousands of cars pass every hour. I conclude, among other thoughts, that the best thing to happen to the American car industry was competition from abroad, although it practically bankrupted them.

2. Too many people are talking on phones while driving. I am virtuous and try never to do that. I don't make phone calls while driving but sometimes take them, when I'm expecting someone to call and therefore know who it is and what they want and that the conversation will be short. See how very virtuous I am!

3. Going somewhere with my wife is always enjoyable.