Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Blessed are they who are aimless?

I notice that some of the people who have been "occupying" various locales in the country are called homeless or transient people. Some are considered to be panhandlers or law breakers in a variety of ways. There have been some cases of violence by occupiers, and even a murder or two.

This distinguishes those who are camped from this who are marching and protesting day-by-day. I have not heard that any of those people are homeless or violent or shiftless. One of them is my sister, and she's not any of those negatives. I'm very proud of her.

However, when it comes to the homeless and the transient and the "shiftless" of the country who find themselves, by choice or happenstance, to be out on the street and to some extent or another, out of society, I can't think of a better place for them to be than in the bosom of a group that takes them in. I don't think in this world of 99% v. 1%, there are many other people who want them.



Alice said...

The homelesss are just one people who are left out, ignored and ridculed. There are so many that feel that way for one reason or another. Ocuppy gives all who need for what ever reason, a feeling of helping, mattering, making a difference, having a voice The 1% needs to realize that when they destroy the comfortable middle class they send them to the streets and eliminate their buffer zone. Solidarity creats strength.

troutbirder said...

Indeed. Say a good word to your sister for me...