Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Paper

Here in The Villages, there is a daily morning newspaper. It's a cultural remnant, almost, of a bye-gone era. It contains lots of news from around the country and some from the realm of "world news". But, its greatest strength is the amount of community news it contains.

In the morning, to be able to sit sipping cups of coffee and read an actual full-featured newspaper, to be sure that it will always be there on the driveway every morning, to enjoy its many features, seems a true indulgence. Here, there are many concerts and many movies, there are lots of local clubs and sports, and these are clearly covered in the paper. Events are going on all around us, and these are all covered, sometimes amateurishly perhaps, but always covered.

The only drawback is that the editorial slant of the paper is heavily Republican, and damned right-wing, at that. This I hate, naturally, but can overlook, because I can spot the slant and accept it as a price I pay for the sheer luxury of The Paper.


Sparty said...

Do they print obits? Gender says that's one way of checking on available tee times.

Bud said...

Whenever we hear a siren someone will say, "Another house will be on the market soon."

We did play golf with Genders today although the date started off chilly, we had shed our outer layer of clothes by the 4th tee.

Dashmann said...

I have to admit one of this old left-winger's guilty pleasures was, during a month stay in the Villages a couple years ago, reading the very right-wing comic strip, "Mallard Fillmore" in the daily Villages newspaper !!!!!

Bud said...

That is a vicious comic strip.

Dashmann said...

Self flagellating for a liberal like me !!!!

Do we have a counter comic strip that I am unaware of ?????