Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why lie?

On cable news this morning I saw that new Romney ads are calling Obama a liar, indirectly, by saying he cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Hundreds of millions of dollars are going to be spent by both candidates to convince us of something all of us already know: the other guy lies.

Why do they do this? I'm no psychiatrist but I suspect the object of these ads is to try to turn public mistrust into public hatred. One party is more guilty than the other, no doubt.

Democracy will not flourish where the voting public cannot make a true judgment as to facts because they are convinced that every politician is a liar, that their own votes don't really decide anything, and that no matter how the election turns out, the elected officials will not do what's in the best interest of society.

I guess I'm foursquare against lying politicians. Wish I knew what to do about it.


Irene said...

Someone in Romney's camp probably has noticed what has happened here, and how effective branding a poltical opponent as a liar can be. Our prime minister has had her words over the introduction of a carbon tax taken out of context and labelled as a lie by the opposition, aided by a lazy, compliant media. It's been an incredibly successful strategy. Funny thing is, the actual liar is the opposition, who very well no what she has said and done is not a lie. She lose the next election for sure, people just hate her now. All The opposition has are three word slogans, and some secret policies they sure as hell aren't going to let out, because no one would vote for them. Sound familiar?

Irene said...

Know, not no. Stupid auto correct.

Irene said...

Maybethwart we need to fix the problem is a magic spell that makes liars pants really catch on fire.

Dashmann said...

Romney is a liar and a loser. Hopefully, the Democrats won't do anything before the conventions to have the Republicans reconsider running him against the President.