Monday, July 9, 2012


WNNCO said...

It is truly interesting that the elementary particle research work, both experimental and theoretical, gains such notoriety by the use of the term "god particle". With the almost absolute scientific illiteracy of the populace, we once again need to sink into religous terms to announce the identification of an elementary particle. The populace no more idea of what a boson, or any hadron, happens to be, let alone the interaction of these with the theorized Higgs field and their importance.

Thank goodness they have possibly found the Higgs Boson; we didn't even know it was gone.

Bud said...

I know you're right. "God particle" is a wrong name for the thing. You can't blame too many people for being ignorant on these matters, because people are simply too busy with their daily lives to delve into things beyond the casual exposure that the news brings to it.

99% of people could never understand the physics involved in bosons, and that includes me.