Sunday, June 26, 2011

a lesson here

This is why, when the bullet train is built, which will cause a boom in American economy, it has to be built without crossings, just like the interstate highway system.

SPARKS, Nev. – Two truck drivers and a train engineer watched helplessly as a semitrailer skidded the length of a football field before it smashed through crossing gates and into two double-decker cars of an Amtrak train at a highway crossing, killing at least six people.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

teacher teacher

Just wanted to come onto the blog-o-sphere today and make an observation.

I know there are bad teachers. No matter how high or low you mark the measuring board, some of those teachers won't measure up. It's like other professions, you know. Some are failures.

But I bet there's not one of you people out there who might read this who has any idea at all, I mean none, about how you can judge the skill or dedication of any particular teacher.

You haven't got a clue, do you? I know Rick Snyder doesn't either.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ALICE'S corner

Here are the answers Alice came up with for "snitching on the welfare cheaters":

Afgan Prez; oil CEO's subsidies; farmer's ethanol subsidies; Top 6 banks-no taxes; companies that build in cities and pay no taxes; sports franchizes that have their stadiums subsidized; airlines whose fields and terminals are built with our dollars and then charge huge fees to pay CEO's who haven't invested a cent and collect gigantic salaries; drug companies that do not have to deal wholesale prices to the Government(except for the veterans administration). Think of more later. Read FREE LUNCH by David Cay Johnston for many more.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I plucked this from someone else's blog and reprint it here for your reaction. This is the source:
So why do I have to pay taxes for education when I already put my kids through school. Why should I pay for other's educations?


Other people's children clean the office you work in, the hospital you go to for help and the streets you walk or ride on.
Other people's children run the gas station where you buy gas for your car.
Other people's children gather produce from the field, slaughter the animals, process the meat, deliver it to market and package it for sale in the supermarket or butcher shop.
Other people's children check out your groceries at the store, bag it and take it to your vehicle.
Other people's children assure your safety by patroling the city streets, directing traffic,an upholding the laws of your community.
Other people's children fight fires in the forest and in your community.
Other people's children patrol the rivers and lakes of your community.
Other people's children maintain the roads, sewers, airports, as well as staff the railways and buses.
Other people's children build your Lexus. Ford, Dodge or Kia at US assembly plants.
Other people's children prep the food, cook the food and serve the food at the resturant you go to for lunch or dinner or celebrations.
Other people's children are the Geek Squad at Best Buy that fixes your computer.
Other people's children are dental hygeinists, CNA's, physical therapists, occupational therapists.
Other people's children cut lawns, clean and maintain pools, sweep the city streets.
Other people's children serve your coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts.


Why don't all of us from around here pack up and move to a place with better weather? We're too old for all this up-and-down, aren't we?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

best headline of the day

Man with dead weasel accused of assault

Ohio State

I don't think I'm naive about college sports, but shouldn't we expect good behavior from athletes, or at the very least, the coaches, without being considered born yesterday?

There are rules. So, just think how naive the NCAA is, that it creates these rules and actually enforces them at times. It is no good to tell me that everyone is corrupt. The fact is, there 's a standard of good behavior which has been duly promulgated by the experts, and which we expect our publicly supported universities to obey. It's not that we SHOULD expect it, it's that we DO expect it -- on paper. Coach Musclehead may not like it sometimes, and he may find ways around it, but he ought to set a better standard than deviousness, or deceit and corruption, to field a team.

Win at all costs is not a standard I can accept. And how sad that great universities should be sullied like this. Ohio State should be better than its Pryors and its Tressels.

Goodbye Jim Northrup

" ... if you believe what every single person who has ever spoken about Billy Martin has said, that personal disagreement between the two of them probably speaks pretty well of Jim Northrup’s character and demeanor." CLICK

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Come to think of it, I don't give a fiddler's fart what Sarah Palin knows or don't know. If she kin add or subtract or do cyphers or even read her name ain't no skin off me.

What I hafta wonder 'bout tho' is the tons of people defending her ignorance. She seems to be the heroine of the know-nothing, the Queen of the boneheads, the champion of the dropouts. This is good enough for the Republican Party.

Best headline of the day

2 people die as bear flies through SUV

BILL'S Corner

1. A thony Weiner goes to prove my point once again. Men aren't simply nasty, they have a gene for it!

2.Another example of What Men Do.

"Erick and I spent Sunday, 6-6-2011, at Grattan Raceway for a track day event with the Superbike Track Time group. I know, I know....Yes I did take a day off work and survived.
"Had a good day with both of us staying upright. ... As we all know I am already brain dead so I have no nerve sensations. For Erick it is just excitement. For me it is part of the continuing exit strategy."
(Click on pic to enlarge it.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodbye Lawrence Eagleburger

He served our country very well for many years.

Goodbye James Arness

Wonder why he wasn't as great a hero to kids as were Gene Autry or Roy Rogers. Or was he?

JERRY'S corner

What the elephanadoes can do to your safety net.

Friday, June 3, 2011

snitching on the cheaters

Tell us stories. I mean real stories!
Leave out the names.

I very often hear stories about people receiving food stamps or rent subsidies or some other form of "welfare", and who "don't deserve it". Take for example the guy who won the lottery and is still collecting food stamps. Does this make you mad? There is now making the rounds of the internet underground, a supposed receipt for lobsters paid for by food stamps. Maybe you've already seen it. If not, it's posted below.

Tell us your story of undeserving people you have met or know who are receiving "handouts". Please do not use real names.

Goodbye Jack Kevorkian

You made us consider some uncomfortably important questions.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mystery Picture -- answer

What is it?
Mike is right that this is the Japanese surrender. It was on the deck of the Battleship Missouri. Bob is right: Several people signed for Japan, but not the emperor.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

STEVEN'S corner

If you tell me that in the same month, we had two of the biggest tornadoes in American history, I'd say it's just a coincidence. But if you add to that all the many other weather quirks like the hottest days and the coolest May, and the constant rain and wind in some places, it begins to look like a real change in climate.