Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ohio State

I don't think I'm naive about college sports, but shouldn't we expect good behavior from athletes, or at the very least, the coaches, without being considered born yesterday?

There are rules. So, just think how naive the NCAA is, that it creates these rules and actually enforces them at times. It is no good to tell me that everyone is corrupt. The fact is, there 's a standard of good behavior which has been duly promulgated by the experts, and which we expect our publicly supported universities to obey. It's not that we SHOULD expect it, it's that we DO expect it -- on paper. Coach Musclehead may not like it sometimes, and he may find ways around it, but he ought to set a better standard than deviousness, or deceit and corruption, to field a team.

Win at all costs is not a standard I can accept. And how sad that great universities should be sullied like this. Ohio State should be better than its Pryors and its Tressels.

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