Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BILL'S Corner

1. A thony Weiner goes to prove my point once again. Men aren't simply nasty, they have a gene for it!

2.Another example of What Men Do.

"Erick and I spent Sunday, 6-6-2011, at Grattan Raceway for a track day event with the Superbike Track Time group. I know, I know....Yes I did take a day off work and survived.
"Had a good day with both of us staying upright. ... As we all know I am already brain dead so I have no nerve sensations. For Erick it is just excitement. For me it is part of the continuing exit strategy."
(Click on pic to enlarge it.)

1 comment:

Dashmann said...

Anthony Weiner was a great voice for us progressives who really screwed up big time.
We should all be mourning his loss as an effective voice against the right-wing madness.
I am personally very saddened by his plight.