Friday, June 3, 2011

snitching on the cheaters

Tell us stories. I mean real stories!
Leave out the names.

I very often hear stories about people receiving food stamps or rent subsidies or some other form of "welfare", and who "don't deserve it". Take for example the guy who won the lottery and is still collecting food stamps. Does this make you mad? There is now making the rounds of the internet underground, a supposed receipt for lobsters paid for by food stamps. Maybe you've already seen it. If not, it's posted below.

Tell us your story of undeserving people you have met or know who are receiving "handouts". Please do not use real names.


Irene said...

Lloyd Blankfein. Sorry, I named names.

Bud said...

Great Answer.

Bill said...

Actually, Blankfein should be in jail. Most of those jokers should be however some are in the present administration.

However, as pertains to your entry, due to the genesis of our company I was exposed to this type of thing quite often. Food stamps, when they were issued, were often sold so that the money could be used for items that the stamps would not cover. Usually this type of receipt would be the result of some rich, upper middle class, suburbanite having the culturally deprived person purchasing the items for them and then paying them a fraction of the actual cost of the items.

Personally I can not take credit for this business transaction as the receipt would have have been for pigs knuckles and sauerkraut due to my teutonic heritage.

Alice said...

Afgan Prez; oil CEO's subsidies; farmer's ethanol subsidies; Top 6 banks-no taxes; companies that build in cities and pay no taxes; sports franchizes that have their stadiums subsidized; airlines whose fields and terminals are built with our dollars and then charge huge fees to pay CEO's who haven't invested a cent and collect gigantic salaries; drug companies that do not have to deal wholesale prices to the Government(except for the veterans administration). Think of more later. Read FREE LUNCH by David Cay Johnston for many more.