Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"From now on, kindly refer to me as the FORMER 1/2Governor of Alaska."


Dashmann said...

I think she really looked HOT in her white tee shirt and waders !!!

Alice said...

I can't understand why everyone is so surprised that she would give up a low paying job, seize the moment to make millions. It's called capitalism, man, capitalism!!! Almost son in law "over heard" her talking about how much she could earn. Holy cow, that,s a novel idea. Two years from now who'd read her book; tune in the her talk show etc. Gotta make hay while the sun shines. Capitalism man, capitalism!!!! Also unrelated. If you didn't see Bill Moyer's Journal last night,July 10. It' a MUST see. Go to; click Bill Moyer's journal and hear what the retired CEO of Cigna Insurance Company(he quit) has to say about the "real" operations of private insurance companies. An example of his epiphany He went to Virginia for a home town reunion. He saw an advertisement for a health fair about 40 miles away. He was curious and so drove there expecting to see booths from insurance companies handing out their "information". He was shocked and apalled to see thousands of people there from D.C., the Carolinas, Tennesee, Kentucky, Penn., W. Virginia receiving free medical and dental health help from doctors and nurses and dentists. Some were laying on gurnies, some in dental chairs getting teeth pulled, filled etc. It was a make shift hospital right there in north east VA. He went home and quit his job saying that to that point, the insurance business was just numbers to crunch and and the bottom line. PLEASE TRY TO SEE IT. It runs aprox. 45 minutes.