Saturday, May 9, 2009


Computer --- while I was away, the computer geniuses had my computer to reinstall the operating system. Now, I'm having to scramble to figure out how everything works.  Having problems. 

SANTA BARBARA - I've conferred with my religiosity brains trust which is composed of Barbara Bush, Pat Robertson, and the ghost of Christmas Past.  This is what they tell me.  Santa Barbara is on fire and burning down because there are a whole bunch of people there who have appeared in movies without their clothes on, and God, who is a Baptocathlomethmaterian and objects to all nudity, wants to punish us for immodesty.  Next he may strike the Sistine Chapel and the Louvre. 

Trivia - -  The Liam Gene Pool was our team. We have never missed so many questions/answers.  After 30 questions we were in fourth place.  After 60 questions, we were tied for first and after 100 questions, Ta-Da!, we won the contest.  One question we missed:  Which State capital has the largest population?

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