Wednesday, August 17, 2011

report card

I decided to try to describe what a public school teacher is, according to prevailing notions:

1. A person getting a pension they don't deserve.
2. A person getting better health care coverage than they deserve.
3. A person with job protections they don't deserve.
4. A person who only works 6 hours a day, if you can call that work.
5. A person who lives too well at taxpayer expense.
6. A person who gets three months off with pay.
7. Someone who will walk out on strike if you don't give them what they want.
8. A perpetual complainer.
9. A person who can't do anything practical. If they could, they wouldn't teach.
10. Someone who looks after kids during the day time. A glorified baby sitter.
11. Someone who tries to teach the children something of value.
12. Someone who does what they do out of love for the job.
13. Someone I remember fondly who helped me when I was troubled.


Irene said...

I've heard/read the first three statements repeatedly. If teachers aren't deserving of pensions, health care coverage, and job protections - then can someone give me example of a worker that is? I would like to know who is judged as deserving and undeserving, and on what basis. Is the basis simply "Because I'm a "insert job here", and I don't get any of that stuff"?

Bill said...

The sad note is that teaching was seldom revered by anybody that had to pay school taxes. Now our society is sliding toward a state where teaching is thought to be failing and often viewed as unnessary.

Obviously none of our leaders are going to take the step to state that parental society is failing and with that comes the failure of all else.