Saturday, August 27, 2011


We have been away for a week, and naturally, I have managed to be inattentive to BIRCHES.

Maybe things will get better this week. I know that one or two of BIRCHES followers have checked in and found nothing new there.

On our schedule as a family, is a get-together with some we haven't seen in quite awhile. Also, we will be canning tomatoes. And we hope we'll have a date with the Skuzzas.

On our vacation, we spent some time with family up north. It's always nice to be in the woods in summer time. We haven't had enough of that lately.

So stick with us, and remember there is room for your "corner" on BIRCHES.

One thing that has been on my mind recently is the thought there is simply not enough work to go around. We have reached a point that mankind has struggled for since time without beginning -- a state of relative worklessness.


Bill said...

Oh Bud...There is plenty of work to go around and be done. The problem is that nobody wants to do it.

Irene said...

I've been contemplating cupcakes, and I think your point about work and the existence of cupcake shops are linked.

Dashmann said...

And now you are going away again ???

Be sure to take a bumbershoot !!!

There will be lots of movies to see when you get back ---