Tuesday, July 12, 2011

incandescent thinking

Here is another battle that will have to be refought.

Some Republicans, and we should assume that as authoritarian personalities they will eventually all flock to do as they're told, are suggesting ending the move to the new lightbulbs. Here at BIRCHES we are aware of people who have gone out and stockpiled the old kind.

The plan nationally is still in place to do away with the old incandescent bulb and replace them on the market with new energy efficient bulbs. The new bulbs have saved a colossal amount of energy nationally over the past few years. And it is a social benefit that grows and grows with every day and year.The light bulb industry had endorsed the new bulbs and manufacturers have been ready to make the change. Now, with Republican tub-thumping, even they are beginning to go back to their old ways. They see it as a violation of consumers' rights to make a free choice. So, we have to gear up for a renewed fight over this issue.

In so many ways, how disastrous was the last congressional election for this country? This is just one more example.

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Dashmann said...

I am one of those who vowed to stockpile the old bulbs, but given the idiotic Republican position on this, I will gladly replace my bulbs with the new energy saving bulbs when the time comes.

Irene said...

I've read an argument (by a tea party supporter) that she won't use the new ones because they are so ugly. Ridiculous.

Sparty said...

Thanks to my environmentally sensitive wife we've been using the new bulbs for several years - and nothing bad has happened to us.

Bill said...

For those of you that are serious about converting their homes to the new bulbs, go to Home Depot where they sell the 60watt equivalent at a price of $1.88 per four pack. That is comparable to the price for relatively "good" incadescent bulb. We purchase them by the case (40 bulbs) to replace the ones in our apartments. Keep your receipts handy. They advertise a seven year longevity...hold them to it.