Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fairness takes a stumble.

IRISH MIKE relates the story of a dentist who is bragging that he will get about $50,000 in benefit from the Rick Snyder "jobs" plan.

How many jobs will a dentist create with that money, Mike asks?

If and when this transfer takes place, it will come indirectly from some retiree's pension, via the Michigan Treasury.


Irene said...

Oh Bud, don't be so negative - I just read at work today some super-terrific news: spending on ultra-luxury items has returned to pre-GFC levels! Yes - $330K for two white Italian truffles and $46M for a big pink diamond! Only a matter of time now and the jobs and prosperity resulting from these worthwhile investments will trickle on down!

Alice said...


Bud said...

You know, Irene, I really AM too negative too often. I recently bought a gem for my wife and it's beautiful, and I'm happy that's she happy. But it didn't even cost $1 million . In fact in the face of $46 million, I would be ashamed to admit how economical this stone was. Nevertheless, it has brought a lot of happiness to the recipient and to the giver. All this at economical costs.

So there's something positive. :)