Friday, June 15, 2012

Message from IRISH MIKE

In the recent recall attempt in Wisconsin, of Governor Walker, as everyone knows, the public employees including the teachers, were trying to protect their interests against the Republican party. The public employees have lost. There are powerful money interests currently supporting the Republicans who seem to have unlimited ability to spend in the pursuit of controlling American government.

Our good friend IRISH MIKE has sent the following analysis, with which I agree.

There are 59,552 public school teachers in Wisconsin. Average Wisconsin teacher salary is $46,390 (Ranked 28th among all states). There are over 90,000 millionaires in Wisconsin. So how do we balance the budget? Of course we go after the greedy 59,552 teachers and cut their benefits and salary. After all they're making a whopping $46,000 a year. AND it would just be wrong to ask those 90,000 plus millionaires to contribute some of their wealth in a tax increase.

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Irene said...

So much for democracy and people power.