Saturday, April 21, 2012


What I've recently read:

What I'm reading now.


WNNCO said...

If one wants an interesting alternate historic journey with extensive background history of Britannia(England as we know it), read the four book series, by Stephen Baxter, "Times Tapestry".
Bad news Bud....You may be of German heritage. GADS!

Dashmann said...

would love to read Michael Moore when you are finished --- or if you become German or Finnish ---
He is a real patriot ---

Bud said...

I have passed the book back to its owner, but will check to see if it's loanable right now.

Bina said...

I loved reading the Michael Moore book.....reminded me of many things I grew up with...even though I'm older than he is. I also felt like I knew him better & liked him better after reading it.