Tuesday, March 20, 2012

from DASHMANN's point of view.

My friend John called me up to chide me about University of Michigan's recent losses in two sports, to MAC teams. One of course, was his alma mother. The Western Michigan hockey team beat Michigan in the CCHA Championship game, and Ohio University beat Michigan in the NCAA basketball tournament.

For the first one, Congratulations! to the Broncos. For the second one, I have no comment.


Dashmann said...

MAC teams have to crow a little when we get our infrequent chance. Its a big deal for Mac schools to beat our Big 10 brothers occasionally. I personally still support all Big 10 teams, unless they are playing MAC schools --- a nice position, considering I can root unabashadly for both UM and MSU most of the time. GO Spartans in the NCAA basketball tourney !!!! The same would have gone to the Wolverines, had they survived Ohio U !!!

Bud said...

You're right. I never resent your crowing.

Dashmann said...

The crow died this afternoon at the hands of North Dakota State--

Dashmann said...

But let's have big HOO-RAH for the Ferris State Bulldogs making it to the finals of the Frozen 4 and
acquitting themselves well, falling 4 - 1 in the Championship game, but any one who watched the game knows it was really a 2 - 1 loss save the empty net goals the last minute or so.