Saturday, February 11, 2012


Any comments on the "Obama Birth Control Retreat?"


Sparty said...

I don't believe there's any way to satisfy the bishops - now they'll say they're trying to protect the religious freedom of employers who are Catholic. In my opinion Obama appears to be the adult in the room, strengthening his reputation as a man willing to compromise.

The GOP candiates are now on record as critics of birth control - in the 21st century!! If this seeps into the public's consciousness as a religious freedom issue it will hurt Obama - if it is characterized as a battle over birth control Obama wins.

Bud said...

It's amazing --- I mean, a person really has to hand it to the Republicans for their proficiency in manipulating emotional issues. If it's not flag-burning, it's gun ownership, or the X in Christmas, or the danger of men marrying dogs. Rational people look at this manipulation and see it for what it is, but there are millions of folks in this country who don't turn their full attention to the issues. They just pick up the bloody flag and much off to war for the latest nonsensical cause.

All credit to the Republicans. They have found the trick of befouling democracy without seeming to be doing it.