Wednesday, December 7, 2011

on my mind

I've been very lazy lately about updating this blog. I used to think that I had to do it every day or two just because people who matter to me might look in expecting to find something to read. Now I've become a shade less neurotic about it.

Here are some things in our world I take note of:
1. The murderers of Sean Stennett (who according to testimony as reported in the news online, must be very very evil people) have been brought to justice. This morning the jury found them guilty on all counts --- mandatory life in prison. It's satisfying to know that men like that, capable of such a flat out vicious killing, are now under control and will not be stalking this community any more.

2. I've been deluged with complaints from Michigan State fans who feel cheated. They lost their game to Wisconsin as most of you know, and according to some voices, this is because the officials made a wrong call. I never thought that Spartan fans would fall back on that old excuse.

I must remark, however, that they should not blame Michigan, because our team did everything in our power to help State become the Big-10 Champions, including losing to them and beating Nebraska. We are going to a "better" bowl than they are because we were invited. I heard on a local TV channel that some people are wondering if Michigan bought its way into the rankings, but I think you'd better wait for any shred of evidence at all before you make that accusation.

3. We went with good friends to the Saginaw Bay Orchestra Christmas concert at the magnificent Temple Theater last night. The show was a "sold out" --- the first one. We all liked the event hugely, and I especially appreciated the Saginaw Valley State University choir which joined the band for some really fun musical pieces. (There is still hope for this woebegone post-industrial city. A successful symphony is one such hope!)

The concert was pretty much an exercise in Christianity, and that's no doubt appropriate since Christmas is, after all, a Christian construction.


Sparty said...

I'm glad you've surfaced again.

This is one MSU fan who won't blame the officials for the loss. As one post demanded on an MSU message board, "Stop bitching about the refs! You're acting like Michigan fans."

And while Michigan did help the Spartan cause, they didn't do "everything in their power" to help State - Michigan's loss to Iowa left them in the hunt - until Michigan State put them away.

Also agreed that the Saginaw-Bay Symphony Orchestra was in fine form Tuesday, as were the SVSU Cardinal Singers, particularly the young woman who sang the lead in a Mozart piece.

Dashmann said...

How many times did coach D'Antonio probably tell his charges to avoid roughing the kicker, knowing that would be the one penalty that would sink the Spartans, but his kid did it anyway ???
Due to Brady Hoke's magnificent coaching, and former coach Rich Rodriguez' magnificent recruiting, the Wolverines secured a trip to a BCS bowl game. This old WMU Bronco congratulates and wishes both fellow Michigan Universities success in their football bowl quests.
Meanwhile my Broncos will try to defeat Big 10 also ran Purdue in the motor City Bowl.
Forget your rivalries ----time to rally around all the Michigan bowl teams including Wayne St. playing in its own NCAA division championship today at 11 am

Bud said...

Since Sparty sent his comment in to Birches, I have gone to the local coffetarium and listened to other people blaming the officials. One of them is a tough ex-cop, so I didn't dispute his judgment.

Dashmann is, I believe, theoretically correct. I will try to forget y rivalries for this post-season, and I'll be in Florida when the games are played, so it will be easier to be loyal to my home state.

Sparty said...

You fellows are better men than I am.